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Are you ready to get Superclean?

Clean and whiten your teeth with the power of safe and effective natural ingredients! This dentist formulated FLUORIDE FREE toothpaste has a delicious fresh minty taste and is paraben and SLS free, vegan and not tested on animals. Our superhero medley of ingredients have been specially selected for their efficacy and safety.

No nasties. No gimmicks. Just a gentle yet effective blend of superhero ingredients that includes:

Activated Charcoal: whitens teeth and detoxifies the mouth

Sodium Bicarbonate: a natural safe teeth whitening ingredient that also helps to balance acidic levels in the mouth that can cause bad breath

Tea Tree & Coconut Oil: natural antibacterial these ingredients promote healthy nourished teeth and gums

Xylitol: reduces plaque and tooth decay

Diatomaceous Earth: assists to remove plaque, tarter and bacteria on the teeth

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