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Keeko Double Trouble Charcoal Toothbrush Set

Say hello to your cleanest toothbrush ever!

The perfect pairing of nano silver and detoxifying activated charcoal bristles work to keep bacterial baddies from throwing a major germ party on your toothbrush, so you can brush easy and keep teeth squeaky clean. 

Medium bristle. 

Bacteria thrive on your toothbrush and can double within the first twenty minutes! 

Infusing our bristles with Charcoal & Nano Silver Technology we are able to greatly inhibit the bacteria growth leaving you with a healthier safer brush, and cleaner mouth. 

  • Anti-bacterial nano silver & charcoal bristles 
  • BPA Free 
  • Medium bristle
  • Dentist recommended compact brush head 
  • Removes plaque 
  • Reduces cavities 
  • Fights bad breath
PBA Free Plastic. 

Blach Toothbrush: Activated Charcoal infused nylon bristles 

White Toothbrush: Nano Silver inflused nylon bristles 

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