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Ap+P | Fragile Capillaries Apricot Palmarosa Serum Concentrate

Specific Skin Concern: Fragile Capillaries

• This ultra-soothing serum was expertly formulated for fragile and sensitized skin, to help mitigate the appearance of redness and visible capillaries.

• So concentrated, 2-3 drops morning and night is all you need to awaken skin's beauty.

• Used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to reduce the appearance of redness and irritation, Apricot oil contains numerous minerals and vitamins that are known to promote the look of resilient, healthy-looking skin.

• Palmarosa oil pairs with Apricot oil to wrap sensitized skin in soothing hydration.

• In aromatherapy, Palmarosa is known promote feelings of comfort and calm.


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