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The Crystalline TRUTH Crystal Set

This set of gemstones will help you connect to your inner guidance and find your true north of any situation or obstacle. The rose quartz will purify your desire from the heart and help provide a deep sense of peace. The amethyst will purify your energy and provide protection and connection to your intuition. The kyanite will open the throat chakra and help you speak your truth. The clear crystal quartz will amplify all energies and intentions to magnify your highest truth and the power of the other gemstones. 

Stones included are: Kyanite, Amethyst, Clear Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz 

Includes carrying pouch and grounding card

Weight: .7lbs

Due to the unique nature of these one of a kind hand-selected natural pieces, the exact color and clarity received will vary which only adds to its uniqueness. Please see group photo for example of color range and shape.

Origin: Assorted 

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