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Neutralizing Minerals 

Neutralize the acids in your coffee that drain your body of the minerals it needs for peak mental and physical performance.

Premium Keto Fats 
MCT & Coconut Oils accelerate fat-burning and keep you focused all day.

Himalayan Pink Salt 
Works to alkalize and energize your body, while crushing your sugar cravings.

Fat-Burning Enzymes 
Boost your metabolism and burns off your stored body fat.



MCT Oil – burns fat, increases energy and metabolism, optimized brain function

Coconut Oil – balances blood sugar, supports hormone balance

Pure Himalayan Pink Salt – improves heart health, strengthens hair, skin, and nails

Magnesium Citrate – reduces inflammation, faster workout recovery

Calcium Citrate – healthy bones, reduces acidity and balances pH

Sodium Bicarbonate – crushes acid reflux, lowers blood pressure

Potassium Citrate – optimizes brain, nerve, heart & muscle function

DigeSEB (Certified Vegan Enzyme – Amylase, Lactase, Protease, Lipase, Cellulase) – helps break down, absorb, and burn body fat quickly

Organic Stevia Leaf Extract – balances blood sugar, unprocessed healthy sweetener with 0% glycemic index

Silica – strengthens connective tissue & collagen, nourishes skin & nails

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